Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How To Replace Linx 7 8 Tablet Battery

I like the Linx Tablets. They are quite cheap to buy and perform most tasks rather well. One thing that people seem to not like about some of the Linx models however is the battery life. It is pretty poor. This is a common annoyance for the 7 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch models. So how do you replace the battery on these devices? Well first remember that once you open up your Tablet the warranty is most probably going to be void. These "Cheap" models are basically considered as disposable devices, the batteries are not meant to be replaced, so trying to swap the battery for a more powerful one is done at your own risk.

Of course, you will need some experience of fixing electrical items. If you're knowledgeable in that area you should be able to complete the mission with no problems. Is it worth all the bother? You're meant to just buy a new one! Well, to some people no it probably isn't worth it. But for others who like a little challenge and love fixing things I suppose it is.

Now bear in mind that this fix or tips to help you replace the battery are not specifically aimed at the Linx models. They are geared toward cheap Chinese tablets that most probably have even worse battery's fitted in them than the Linx'. However, due to the super long lasting ability's of the Linx battery (yeah right) I think the video above does apply to the Linx range.

You can bet your bottom dollar Linx aren't using the best batteries in their devices anyway, as duration times have proven, but most probably just cheap ones from China themselves. Bottom line, you have to open the thing up and change the battery. That means a little bit of work for you and alsi buying the replacement battery.

The video above will give you some tips on what to look out for (certain numbers, voltage, mAh etc) and what to be aware of. Soldering will be required. Hope this quick guide helps you out. Can't seem to complete the operation? Buy a new one! Fusion5 = £50 job done. Good luck!


SamsungTsar said...

Why dont linx make tablet with easy removable battery like phones....

Anonymous said...

For that matter, why doesn't any tablet maker bring out one with a removable battery?