Wednesday, 27 January 2016

How To Replace Linx 7 8 Tablet Battery

I like the Linx Tablets. They are quite cheap to buy and perform most tasks rather well. One thing that people seem to not like about some of the Linx models however is the battery life. It is pretty poor. This is a common annoyance for the 7 Inch, 8 Inch and 10 Inch models. So how do you replace the battery on these devices? Well first remember that once you open up your Tablet the warranty is most probably going to be void. These "Cheap" models are basically considered as disposable devices, the batteries are not meant to be replaced, so trying to swap the battery for a more powerful one is done at your own risk.

Of course, you will need some experience of fixing electrical items. If you're knowledgeable in that area you should be able to complete the mission with no problems. Is it worth all the bother? You're meant to just buy a new one! Well, to some people no it probably isn't worth it. But for others who like a little challenge and love fixing things I suppose it is.

Now bear in mind that this fix or tips to help you replace the battery are not specifically aimed at the Linx models. They are geared toward cheap Chinese tablets that most probably have even worse battery's fitted in them than the Linx'. However, due to the super long lasting ability's of the Linx battery (yeah right) I think the video above does apply to the Linx range.

You can bet your bottom dollar Linx aren't using the best batteries in their devices anyway, as duration times have proven, but most probably just cheap ones from China themselves. Bottom line, you have to open the thing up and change the battery. That means a little bit of work for you and alsi buying the replacement battery.

The video above will give you some tips on what to look out for (certain numbers, voltage, mAh etc) and what to be aware of. Soldering will be required. Hope this quick guide helps you out. Can't seem to complete the operation? Buy a new one! Fusion5 = £50 job done. Good luck!

Monday, 18 January 2016

Cheap But Functional PC Tablets

Tablet PC's are very functional. These days they are used by everyone who is looking for a high level of usability in a practical, stylish design. They are small, fashionable and can be snapped up for a cheap price, so they are always a good option when you are looking for a smart device that you can use each time you need it, no matter where you are. There are numerous advantages that you are going to have with the use of a tablet, but the most obvious one is that such items are very easy to carry and so you can take it with you on the move, no matter where it is you need to travel to.

Android devices are now used by a large number of people. They are really easy to purchase and you can simply find them at some very affordable prices. As low as £40. With the better models you will find that the advantages when compared to the cheaper models are like night and day. On a convenience level they are great when you need to be kept informed about different events, whether that be work related or otherwise .

However, these days Smartphones are widely used for this purpose. Unless you are in a job that requires actual work to be done on the move that requires a bigger screen and more resources than a Phone can provide. For students, carrying a tablet in a back pack and using it to take notes at lectures, work in the libary etc is going to be much more convenient.

This way the students isn't hindered by the smallish screen that a phone has and can have easily access the information they need. They can easily make notes, and of course, these little electrical companions can also be used for other activities like gaming, youtube etc. They are great devices for most purposes. Buy an external keyboard with its own little case and you have a full package for little money.

So how do you find a cheap but functional one?

Can a good tablet be snapped up for a cheap price? Yes absolutely! Take a look on websites like Amazon and you will quickly see that for £50 and under you can find a model that is both functional and reliable.

Search for the term "Best Cheap Tablets To Buy For Under £50" on Google if you want the leg work done for you. The Amazon Fire Seven Inch with an IPS screen is a good example of great value for money. Others include the Fusion5 range (best choice), the NeoCore tablets (The neoCore N1 is a great budget tablet), and also iRULU eXpro (very cheap). Many to choose from, and all these days are Quad Core, have scratch resistant screens and come with a decent amount of RAM etc.

It's quite easy to find a good one for a cheap price. Just read through the customer reviews and you will easily be able to separate the good capable ones from the not so good ones. The few mentioned here are proven performers and do have excellent feedback. Some of them (Fusion5's and neoCores) even come with a 1 - 2 year warranty. That's a great deal for the money. You really can't go far wrong.